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The Metro Forest

PTT Metro Forest is now open for all visitors.
We are open on Tuseday - Sunday between 09.00 a.m. - 06.00 p.m. (Including public holidays.)
We are closed on Monday.
..After 4:00 p.m., visitors are not allowed to stop their vehicles in front of the forest.
The rules and regulations for visiting are as follows :
1.Food and pets are not allowed
2. No bicycle in the learning center area.
3. No commercial photography
For group visitors, please contact us: mobile 061-385-4414. or E-mail : pttmetroforest@gmail.com
According to the PTT’s policy, which emphasizes on the environment. In 1994, PTT had volunteered 1 million Rai (1 Rai= a unit of area equal to 1,600 square meters) reforested nationwide in the reforestation project in honor of His Majesty the late King Bhumipol Adulyadej on the occasion of the 50th year of his reign from the achievement of his implementation for 25 years in the reforestation nationwide more than 1 million Rai. PTT has been developed and provided “PTT Reforestation and Ecosystem Institution” to conduct the mission of reforestation and ecosystem restoration, promoting, developing the networks for sustainable forest conservation including provided 3 learning centers in order to spread the knowledge to the public by cooperated with the government providing Sirinart Rajini Mangrove Ecosystem Learning Center in Prachuap Khiri Khan province and another 2 learning centers on PTT’s land including Wangchan Forest Learning Center in Rayong province and Metro Forest in Bangkok.
            PTT intends to make Metro Forest become a learning center about the forest and ecosystem that combines a beauty of landscape architecture including being a green area for Bangkok people on PTT’s land 12 Rai. Previously this area is an empty land and waste dump area, under the conception of planting the forest for Bangkok people by gathered the knowledge about 1 million Rai reforestation nationwide to build on Eco Forest that mock up the forest in the past which has a variety of traditional plants and rare species more than 270 kinds by applying the Eco Forest restoration theory of Professor, Akira Miyawaki PhD. in conjunction with PTT’s reforestation knowledge to designed and allocated the area into 3 parts including planting forest area for 9 Rai or 75%, water source for 1 Rai or 10% and learning building area for 2 Rai or 15%. It makes Metro Forest being both learning center and natural tourism place for Bangkok people or new generation who growing up in the city to get an opportunity to know and get an exclusive close up with the forest, it’s not essential to travel for long distance far away and you can have realized and jointly conserve natural resources sustainably.
For more information, please contact (+66)21366380. The activities advertising and promoting through the official Facebook fan page of Metro Forest “ศูนย์เรียนรู้ป่าในกรุงโดยสถาบันปลูกป่าและระบบนิเวศ ปตท.” in Thai version and you can also search "pttmetroforest" in English version  Instagram: pttmetroforest and Line@: @pttmetroforest. Moreover, you can contact to do any others activities depends on your interests.
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